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Getting Socialised with Movezen Logistiek

By Movezen Log l John l COO   |   13 Mar 2022 21:34 UTC | Updated on 13 Mar 2022 21:35 UTC

Hi everyone!

We're looking to get Socialised with you all from Movezen to other VTC's

Why not check theses out!

Instagram -

Twitter -

Facebook -

YouTube -

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Discord -

Our Website:

Why check us out?

Why not? we have a 0.01% Decline rate, and with new drivers joining practically every week, we are using Trucksbook currently for our logs as out Custom Tracker is still being programmed and tested before official release. Professional staff ranks & team at hand to assist you,

Seen us on TruckersMP?

Why not say hi or even come and take a photo or 2, all media can be posted in our media section and you are always welcome to join us on discord


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