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By FastTV   |   16 Feb 20:20 UTC | Updated on 23 Apr 19:09 UTC

Founder: HandOfClash (André)

Hello everyone! My name is André, better known within the community as HandOfClash. I currently reside in Cologne, Germany. At TruckersMP I'm part of the Event Team, Patron working group as well as Game Moderation Team, whilst organising weekly events, participating and helping out in many convoys and managing my own company, called Golden Phoenix Express. Here I am the Founder of the company and therefore lead the management team and overall family. If you have any inquires regarding our VTC, you may reach out to me! I'm excited to chat with you and overall look forward to GPE's future.

Event Manager: Fox7y (Jaeden)

Ello! My name is Jaeden, I am 23 years old and i am one of the Event Managers in Golden Phoenix Express. I enjoy playing ETS2 & ATS, and my other passion in the game is attending convoys daily and organising convoys to be at their highest standards. If you would like to invite GPE to an event, feel free to contact me on Discord!

Event Manager: Vicc (Victor)

Hello! My name is Victor, better known as Vicc. I am currently 20 years old and I am from The Netherlands. In real life I study Journalism (Bachelor's Degree). Next to that I work as a Editor and Social Media Manager for a Dutch Journalist. In Golden Phoenix Express, I am active as an Event Manager. I am responsible for the planning and organisation of convoys that GPE attend, handling tickets and other organisation/general VTC tasks. Feel free to message me on Discord if you want to drive or have a question!

Event Manager: Sjovn (Lene)

Heeya! My name is Lene, but you know me under the name Sjovn. I joined the tmp community early in 2020, and still find lots of fun with exploring the map alone and together with great people I've met during my time here. I am one of the event managers in Golden Phoenix Express, and you will most likely meet me when you invite us to your event. I'm looking forward to have contact with you!

Beside this game, I also play Eve Online, World of Warcraft and sometimes Division 2. When I'm not at my gaming computer you will find me either stucked with work, or far away out in the fields together with my dog that I train for retrieving competitions.

Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions!

Human Resources Manager: FastTV (Björn)

Hey! I am FastTV from Germany, Public Relations Manager of Golden Phoenix Express. I have been part of GPE since 2022. At TruckersMP I am part of the Game Moderation Team. In my free time I often drive on the roads of the EuroTruck Simulator. If you have any questions around social media of GPE or have a general question, feel free to contact me on discord.

Recruitment Manager: Jake (Jake)

Hi there, Jake here!, I am 21 years old from the UK. I'm the Recruitment Manager here at Golden Phoenix Express. I was also in the position of Public Relations Manager for a little while. I like to spend my free time driving the roads of Europe on ETS2. I also attend many convoys with the GPE Family and also am apart of the GPE Media Team. I also have a passion in Photography IRL and take many photos when I see the right opportunity. Hope to see you on the roads!


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