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By HandOfClash   |   08 Jan 10:42 UTC | Updated on 08 Jan 22:42 UTC

Hey Guest's and lovely GPE Driver, 👋

After already one week on the roads many pictures got already taken by some of our Drivers and from our Management. 👀 Below you can find some lovely examples:

| Picture taken by Driver Manager | Matt #CarLadMatt

  • Driving on Promods through the lovely Islands during the sunset.

| Picture taken by Event Manager | centurion.

  • Hauling some Jobs on Promods.

| Pictures taken by VTC Founder | HandOfClash

  • Parked together in Calais Duisburg at the bus station.

  • Parked together in our slot.

  • Hauling Jobs for our VTLog Page.

| Pictures taken by Event Manager | Fox7y

  • At the destination of the convoy which we've attended.

  • Taking pictures together in our new ATS Trucks for our custom UI.

  • Parked together at the destination of Skyline Logistics Convoy.

  • Taking some Pictures while driving through some lovely roads.

  • Together parked in Calais at the hotel waiting for friends.

| Picture taken by Trial Driver | ProXCloud

  • Parked together at the destination of Skyline Logistics Convoy.

| Picture taken by Trial Driver | Darthvader.

  • Driving in our Paint-Job for the first time!

Thanks to all Drivers and everyone else, who took pictures of our new Trucks. We love them and we hope so do you. ❤

Kind regards,

GPE Family


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