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๐Ÿ‘‹| Welcome to Digital Cargo!

By COO [LKW Logistics] Joe   |   09 Jun 2022 18:15 UTC | Updated on 09 Jun 2022 18:14 UTC

Welcome to Digital Cargo.

🚚 Digital Cargo 🚚

Welcome to Digital Cargo VTC, Digital Cargo was Founded by Joe. on 3rd January 2022. We wanted to create a VTC different to others with members from all over the world. and give everyone an opportunity to meet new people who have a passion for Trucking! Our Goal is to provide high-quality services for our valued Members Our team goes above and beyond to cater to each projectโ€™s specific needs. Through open communication and exceptional service, enhance the experience with Virtual Trucking on a whole new level!

👤 | Why Pick Digital Cargo?

  • Here over at Digital Cargo we offer you a friendly community who aspires to give you the best of the best, ranging from active staff team all the way to an active driversโ€ฆ We're here to bring the future to you, We're here to enhance the experience with Virtual Trucking on a whole new level!, Join us today!

📗 | Our Requirements/Asks:

  • Must own an official version of ATS or ETS2
  • Must be 15 years or older.
  • Have have more than 50 hours in either ATS or ETS2
  • Be Positive, Friendly and Free to spend your time with us.
  • Willing to adapt to Digital's changes to your In-Game Tag & Vehicles.
  • Must have any TMP bans/offenses publicly viewable (for application purposes only)

🖇 | Our Socials & Links:

  • Website:
  • Discord:
  • Twitter:
  • Twitch:
  • Instagram:
  • TruckersMP:

Can't Wait To See You! 👀


Tag: Digital Cargo
Language: English
Created: 03 Jan 2022 21:00 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: [DC] Joe
Members: 20
Recruitment: Closed