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📑| How to Apply

By CEO [Digital Cargo] Joe.   |   21 Feb 19:42 UTC | Updated on 14 Apr 14:53 UTC

Hello potential applicant,

Before Applying or Submitting an application to our company, please answer the following questions with complete honesty as we will be checking your answers and reviewing every application thoroughly.

if the Human Resource Department feels like the application is not good then we will either email or dm you and ask to redo it.

Thank you for your interest in Joining Digital Cargo. before you fill out your application, please make sure you have read our driver requirements carefully and make sure you meet them.

Driver Requirements:

  • Must own an official version of ATS or ETS2
  • Must be 15 years or older.
  • Have have more than 50 hours in either ATS or ETS2
  • Be Positive, Friendly and Free to spend your time with us.
  • Willing to adapt to Digital's changes to your In-Game Tag & Vehicles.
  • Must have any TMP bans/offenses publicly viewable (for application purposes only)

Application Process:

Are you wondering what it takes to become a Digital Driver? Take a look at the overview below

  1. Submitting the application form: After you have filled out and sent your application form for the VTC, we will carefully review it (Could take up to 48 Hours).

If we are satisfied with your application, we will contact you about step 2 – the interview.

  1. Going through the interview: We will ask you some questions to get to know you better & So you know more about the VTC.

We aim to achieve a nice atmosphere to make the interview go smoothly.

  1. Completing the driving test: If your interview goes well, a driving test will be scheduled.

You will drive on a selected route and follow all traffic rules while being observed by an examiner.

📌 If you manage to sucessfully complete all 3 steps, you will have the oportunity to become a Digital driver.

Application Form

Do you meet all the requirements and are interested in joining us? Then what are you waiting for? The form is right below!

➡ All Applications must be emailed to the Human Resource Team via the following email here: [email protected]

  • Your Age:

  • Your TruckersMP ID

  • Your Email Address

  • Your Discord Username (Including #0000)

  • Tell us a Bit about yourself

  • Why are you wanting to join Digital Cargo?

  • Do you have any experience in a VTC?

  • Do you know what /Fix command does in Multiplayer

  • Scenario: You Just Flipped/Crashed in-game when your driving, how will you act?

  • How Frequently do you play TruckersMP a Week?

  • What timezone do you live in?

  • ✅ I agree with adopting Digitals changes to my account This includes, but is not limited to, changing your TruckersMP in-game player tag e.g Digital Cargo Joe. Adopting Digital Cargo's paint schemes to your trucks in game and using the Digital Cargo trailer paintjob for our Convoys and Events.

  • How did you find about us? (Optional)

  • ✅ I agree with sharing information that I have entered here with Digital Cargo for purposes of reviewing my application and storing it.

Please Allow up to 48 hours for our Human Resources team to get to your application and to get in contact with you.

Thanks, Digital Cargo Management Delivering straight to the Future!


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