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📑| How to Apply

By ImmJoe   |   25 May 17:42 UTC | Updated on 15 Jun 19:34 UTC

New Driver

When you are a new driver you should head to our site and nagivate to the apply-button, or you can click on this link: Keep in mind that we have multiple requirements:

📃 Requirements

Applications may take up to 24 hours to be completed

Must have no bans within the last 3 months Must be 14+ years of age Must own a legal version of ETS2 or ATS Be positive, friendly & free to spend your time with us. Have at least 25+ hours in either ETS2 or ATS (Can be Combined) Must have any TMP bans publicly viewable (for application purposes only) Must adapt to the Digital Cargo in-game tags/paint jobs within the VTC

When you meet these requirements you can apply, fill in all the fields and press submit. After that make sure that you have joined our Discord server here: You will be contacted there within 24 - 48 hours. In the meanwhile you can make your TMP ban history public. When you end up getting accepted you will have to apply here with your application ID.

Returning Driver

Are you a old driver and have been with us before? Then you should not apply here nor on the site, you should create a ticket on our Discord server with the Human Resources Directors; they'll happily assist you. Please be aware that it can also take some time until they respond.


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