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🛏️| Sana's Send off Convoy

By ImmJoe   |   23 Feb 2022 23:21 UTC | Updated on 23 Feb 2022 23:25 UTC

Sadly, on 5th January Sanamaria (Sana) who founded Harmony Convoys and Aurora VTC passed away in hospital. Sana was a well known figure within the TruckersMP community, and much loved too.

On February 27th, two of her biggest projects in the TruckersMP community are coming together to bid her farewell, by hosting a convoy from Calais (France) travelling eastern Europe, to the city of Hamburg - closest to her hometown.

This convoy is truly dedicated to Sana's send-off, and here at Digital Cargo are implementing very stringent measures to wish her farewell in the best possible way, as a VTC.

This convoy is not optional, and if you are available, you are expected to attend - no excuses, no questions asked. On the day, you will be expected to meet and uphold all vehicular and recognition standards (which I will make known in the near future). During the convoy, we do expect you all to meet in #🚛 Convoy #1 VC as we attend this event and at the end we will have a 1-2 min silent to say good bye!

If we hear any disrespectful comments about Sana, the event or the communities she was involved with and a member of Management will take you to anther office, to speak with you about this - as it is purely unacceptable.

I expect to see as many people there as possible, and hope we as a VTC here at Digital Cargo, can bid Sanamaria off in the best way possible, along with hundreds of other people.

Join us as we take one last trip down memory lane for our dearly loved Sanamaria, the founder of both Harmony Convoys and Aurora VTC. On the 5th January 2022 at 1:45am, Sana sadly passed away in hospital with her boyfriend, ekebergt by her loving side. Sana was a much loved member within TruckersMP, both in many VTC' and events, including Harmony Convoys, Aurora VTC and Purple Skies Community.

On February 27th at 18:30 GMT, Harmony Convoys and Aurora VTC, two of her biggest projects in TruckersMP, would like to invite you to join us in celebrating Sanamaria's life as we depart from Calais and travel eastbound to Hamburg, closest to Sana's home town, via some of Sana's favourite and most used roads within TruckersMP. This convoy will be solely dedicated in memory to Sana's passion and enthusiasm within the community, so expect some extra special touches on the day.

We look forward to remembering Sana's legacy with you soon!

  • Date: Sunday, February 27th 2022
  • Meetup / Departure: 18:00 UTC / 18:30 UTC
  • Event Server: Sana's Send-Off Convoy
  • Starting Location: Calais, City
  • Destination: Hamburg, City
  • DLC Required: None
  • TruckersMP Event Page
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