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🚚| Attending ConSecGroup Community Special

By ImmJoe   |   25 Feb 2022 01:14 UTC | Updated on 25 Feb 2022 01:15 UTC

This Saturday Digital Cargo VTC will be attending ConSecGroup Community Special and we hope to see some of our lovely drivers there and they may take some photos to show off on our twitter or Instagram page so make sure your following us so you don't miss out

Digital Cargo is not currently Launched yet!, but we are more than happy to be attending events by other vtcs to get ours out in the world of truckers and to get our vtc active

if you wish to invite us please feel free to email us via the email below:

Welcome to our monthly VTC Community Special, bringing the community together for a relaxed drive each last Friday or Saturday of the month, we aim to strengthen the inter-VTC relationships.

The event starts with a Truckfest style meeting in Luxembourg.

  • Time: Truckfest ~ 7pm UTC | Convoy Departure ~ 7.30pm UTC
  • Route: Via DIscord
  • Server: Event Server
  • Departure: Luxembourg
  • Destination: Roscoff, Sea Port
  • DLC Required: Vive La France

We look forward to seeing everyone there! Digital Cargo - Delivering straight to the Future!


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