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🚛|Attended MD Logistics Event

By ImmJoe   |   31 Aug 2022 16:52 UTC | Updated on 31 Aug 2022 16:55 UTC

🎉 MD LOGISTICS | August Convoy | One Year Edition

▫ After half a month of breaking, we're now back with another monthly public convoy in this August. This time, we'll tribute our very first convoy in August, 2021. It's been a year since the first convoy is hosted.

▫ We want to take this important moment to look at our public monthly convoy journey and how it goes as well as how we managed to maintain it till present day. Everyone is all welcome to our convoy and see you there truckers! 🚛

  • Date: Sunday, August 28th
  • Meetup time: 14:30 PM UTC
  • Departure time: 15:00 PM UTC
  • Convoy Control: MDCC | Apply Now!
  • Route: From Prague to Zürich
  • Start Location: Slots
  • End Location: Indicated
  • DLC Requirements: None

Public Slot:

All of the public attendees will have a dedicated slot in the SellPlan company of Prague. (Please do not park in the other slots).

Driver Slot:

All of the MD LOGISTICS driver will have a slot in the garage of Prague. (All partners are allowed to park here).

VTC Slots:

If you wish to have a dedicated slot for your VTC to join please click here: Book Now!

  • Game: Euro Truck Simulator 2
  • Server: Simulation 1

If you need any support, you can always join our discord server, we will support as soon as we can:

You can also apply our VTC through this link, We will check and apply you within 12h:


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