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🤝| New Partnership | MD Logistics

By ImmJoe   |   02 Sep 2022 16:25 UTC | Updated on 02 Sep 2022 16:30 UTC

Hiya 👋,

Have you ever heard of MD Logistics?

Since today, we have an exciting news for everyone. From today, we want to introduce a special partnership with them.

Without the opportunity given by the CEO & Founder of MD Logistics | Toastee - Minh Duy, and the special agreement from them. This will be the best opportunity for us being partnered with a verified VTC so we thank you for having us

We have made up a special relationship for a better future ahead

You guys can find more information about MD Logistics in partners, if you're interested. 💙

MD LOGISTICS Keep Moving, Keep Growing

Who are we? ▫ We are MD LOGISTICS, A fully experienced verified Virtual Trucking Company. Starting from scratch, we've developed and become one of the most independent & friendliest VTC out there. Throughout many struggles & challenges, we still continue our goal to improve everyday and give our drivers the best experience.

▫ Moveover, There's a lot of things to explore in MD LOGISTICS like our job logging system, custom fleet of trucks, division system, frequent events and much more... With the least kilometers required per month, you can easily spend more time enjoying and interacting with our community. So have you been convinced?

📝 | Note: Our partnership has begun since September 1st. If you're a part of the MD Logistics Team, mention a specific HR Member to obtain your role.

Kind regards, Joe. Founder & CEO of Digital Cargo


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