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🚚 | Digital Cargo - December Event!

By ImmJoe   |   29 Sep 2022 12:46 UTC | Updated on 29 Sep 2022 12:51 UTC

"Digital Cargo was created to inspire everyone and transform the way virtual trucking is ... for as long as ATS and ETS2 continue to make an impact, Digital Cargo will always continue to expand and innovate. We're not just a VTC: We're the Future!"* Joe, CEO & Founder of Digital Cargo.

Hello and welcome to our monthly public convoy! This December, we'd like you to join us as we cruise through the scenic, undulating road networks of Austria and Germany! With plenty of elevation changes and a whole lot of twists and turns, this route will keep you on your toes, while also providing a wonderful view from the comfort of your own cab. The convoy is expected to last somewhere around 60-90 minutes, depending on traffic and how smoothly things go.

As always, everyone is very much welcome and encouraged to join us for the journey. If you're planning to attend, please ensure that you mark your attendance right here on our event page by clicking 'I will be there' at the top of the page!

  • Server: TBA (event server maybe) (Note: This is not an event server, so all standard TruckersMP rules apply. Be mindful of other players in the area, and respect the right of way at all times.)
  • Start: Clermont-Ferrand
  • Destination: Strasbourg (WGCC) (please dismiss trailers upon arrival)
  • DLC Required: None
  • Distance: 1133km (approx.)
  • Meetup Time: 17:00 UTC
  • Departure Time: 18:00 UTC
  • TruckersMP Page:

We are Trying to work for an event server, make sure to sign up to help us out

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If you enjoyed today's convoy and you would like to leave some feedback, or even if you didn't enjoy it (although we really hope this isn't the case), feel free to leave your thoughts using our Event Feedback Form! Let us know which bits you liked, which bits you didn't like, throw in any suggestions you might have, and so on. It's all greatly appreciated and will be used to help us improve our future events.

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