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Tag: Digital Cargo
Language: English
Created: 03 Jan 2022 21:00 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: [DC] Joe
Members: 20
Recruitment: Closed

Latest VTC Posts

🤝| New Partnership | MD Logistics

New Partnership has bugun with MD Logistcs Since, 1st September 2022

  |   02 Sep 2022 16:25 UTC   |   COO [LKW Logistics] Joe

🛏️| Sana's Send off Convoy

Join us on 27/02/2022 as we take one last trip down memory lane for our dearly loved Sanamaria, the founder of both Harmony Convoys and Aurora VTC.

23 Feb 2022 23:21 UTC   |   COO [LKW Logistics] Joe

🚚 | Digital Cargo Launch!

Join Digital Cargo for there first event of july!

14 Jul 2022 21:42 UTC   |   COO [LKW Logistics] Joe

🚚| Attending ConSecGroup Community Special

Join us while we attend the Convoy Security Group

25 Feb 2022 01:14 UTC   |   COO [LKW Logistics] Joe

🚚|Attending ConSecGroup Friday Convoy

Join us on Friday 25/02/2022 at ConSecGroup's Convoy

25 Feb 2022 01:20 UTC   |   COO [LKW Logistics] Joe



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📃 Requirements

  • Applications may take up to 24 hours to be completed.

  • Must have no bans within the last 3 months
  • Must be 15+ years of age (13/14 maybe exceptions)
  • Must own a legal version of ETS2 or ATS
  • Be positive, friendly & free to spend your time with us.
  • Have at least 25+ hours in either ETS2 or ATS (Can be Combined)
  • Must have any TMP bans publicly viewable (for application purposes only)
  • Must adapt to the Digital Cargo in-game tags/paint jobs within the VTC


[DC] Joe
[DC] Joe
Founder & CEO
Digital Driver
Digital Driver
Digital Driver
dionkoffie [NL]
dionkoffie [NL]
Digital Driver
Digital Driver
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