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Created: 27 Jan 10:14 UTC
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Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: [CN-JD-Team]*CEO*LeLe_TMP
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Latest VTC Posts


Congratulations to the vice captain of China JD Team, Heheda, for successfully passing the final exam and achieving excellent results!

  |   30 Jun 08:00 UTC   |   [CN-JD-Team]*CEO*LeLe_TMP


China JD team officially formed a brotherly team with China S.k.y team!

  |   23 Jun 06:00 UTC   |   [CN-JD-Team]*CEO*LeLe_TMP

我们有三艘航母了 第三艘航母福建舰已下水!

We have three aircraft carriers. The third aircraft carrier, Fujian, has been launched!

  |   16 Jun 12:00 UTC   |   [CN-JD-Team]*CEO*LeLe_TMP

中国极递车队 联运新规则

New rules for combined transport of China JD Transport !

  |   20 May 12:00 UTC   |   [CN-JD-Team]*CEO*LeLe_TMP


The fourth largest operator is coming! China Radio and television 5g countdown 1 day!

26 Jun 03:00 UTC   |   [CN-JD-Team]*CEO*LeLe_TMP


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Elih's Community Convoys | Charity Event

Elih's Community Convoys | Charity Event

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Public activity of China GuXiang team on July

Public activity of China GuXiang team on July

16 Jul 11:00 UTC



Event Server

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📢 您必须年满16周岁。

📢 您必须能够使用文明普通话交流。

📢 您最近一定没有进出过很多VTC

📢 您必须拥有麦克风

📢 积极参加车队联运活动

📢 您必须没有有效的禁令

📢 您必须遵守交通联运规则。


📢 最主要的是最上一条要求哦

Entry requirements

📢 You must be at least 16 years old.

📢 You must be able to communicate in civilized Mandarin.

📢 You must not have been in and out of a lot of VTC recently.

📢 You must have a microphone.

📢 Actively participate in Fleet Intermodal Activities.

📢 You must do not have an active ban.

📢 You must abide by the traffic and intermodal rules.

📢 You must likeTeamCaptain Lele very much.

📢 The most important thing is the last request.