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Dream Logistics Convoy #001,

By CοrniTv0100   |   27 Aug 19:00 UTC | Updated on 27 Aug 19:05 UTC

Dream Logistics Convoy #001, The very first Dream Logistics Convoy ever. Weeks before the event, the event team of management and trainees met to plan the convoy, clarify the roughest things and prepare everything. After weeks of planning, the first big Dream Logistics convoy took place on 20.08.2022 at 6pm (UTC). About 30 drivers and a little more than 50 drivers with their VTCs were registered. After a few internal starting difficulties, we were able to leave Berlin at 8pm CEST. The whole journey went without any major difficulties and we all arrived safely at our destination in Munich. Many thanks for participating in the convoy. A big thank you goes to Marcel from IL-Sec for leading the convoy and HauSued72 for the beautiful photos and coordinating the departure in Berlin.

Dream Logistics has already announced the next big convoy. More information can be found at the following link: -> https://truckersmp.com/events/10867 If you have further questions about the convoy or the VTC, please feel free to come to our Discord server: -> https://discord.gg/3EVf6aQ86F

Kind regards Dream Logistics Event Team


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