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Dream Logistics Rules

By CοrniTv0100   |   28 Aug 07:09 UTC | Updated on 28 Aug 07:10 UTC

§1 Inappropriate sounds are not allowed.

§2 The use of the player tag is compulsory.

§3 Monthly kilometres (5000) are compulsory.

§4 The use of cheat mods is not allowed.

§5 In Talk (VC), adult topics are compulsory.

§6 The use of the "Print" button is prohibited.

§7 Swearing and insults in Talk (VC) are prohibited.

§8 Banning of TruckersMP must be reported to the staff.

§9 Wearing of the official livery is compulsory on all sites of TruckersMP.

§10 Multi Spedition is not allowed and will be punished by the penalty system....

§11 Anyone who gives the haulage system to other hauliers will be punished with the penalty system.

§12 Anyone who leaves the VTC more than once will not be allowed in after a certain time. (Forwarding hope)

§13 Failure to comply with the rules of the TruckersMP, especially on the D-C & K-I Road, will be punished with a penalty system.

§14 Leaving the Discord server and/or TruckersMP VTC unannounced will be punished with the

§15 Punished with the punishment system

-Convoy Rules-

1.1 No overtaking during the convoy.

§1.2 Keep a safe distance of approx. 100-150m.


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