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By MightyPower   |   18 Jun 2022 16:55 UTC | Updated on 18 Jun 2022 17:00 UTC


On this day 15th of June 2022 CONSPEED participated at SPEEDY'S FAREWELL CONVOY after we heard the tragic news that he sadly passed away on 5th of June probably from pneumonia. We wanted to show our respect towards SPEEDY as he was a big influence to the TruckersMP Team as a GM and a CM.


Over 850+ Drivers from all over the world and over 100+ VTCs attending to show their remorse and respect towards him with one last convoy to his memory with a special Trailer Skin designed for him.



CONSPEED wishes Speedy's family condolences and wish for him to be in a happy and better place where he has all the cheeses in the world. Rest In Peace to another lost soul who made a big impact to everyone's life in the TMP Community and helping everybody around him.


Kind Regards,

Driver & Media Team

ADJ MIghtyPower


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