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By MightyPower   |   02 Jul 2022 10:00 UTC | Updated on 10 Jul 2022 00:10 UTC

On this day 2nd of July 2022 CONSPEED participated at GÖKBÖRÜ's 3RD Year ANNIVERSARY Since their first day when they we're founded by Berk on 3rd July 2019, which was the very first VIrtual Trucking Company from Turkey that gained the title of Verified VTC.

We, CONSPEED want to congratulate GÖKBÖRÜ on what they have achieved so far and what they have brought until now to the turkish community of TruckersMP and inspired many to never give up and continue going no matter what.

We have been participating at GÖKBÖRÜ's Convoys since our foundation and we are very thankful having them in the trucking community inspiring many.


On the day of the event 564 Drivers internationally from all over the world from over 64 VTCs we're present at GÖKBÖRÜ's 3RD Year ANNIVERSARY CONVOY. Everyone had to park to Călărași into the city and our final destination would be in Edirne.

CONSPEED Convoy Media at the day of the event:

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Our Tech Officer CLAUDIU0031 came with the brilliant idea to park every single driver in a "3" shape at the end of the convoy representing the 3 years GÖKBÖRÜ has been in service for and still going strong forward with over 100+ Drivers.

If you took the time to write this News Post I appreciate you for that and see you!

Kind Regards,

CONSPEED Community Manager



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