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💼Our New Staff members

By [Theo]   |   28 Feb 20:32 UTC | Updated on 27 Mar 19:02 UTC

Hello everyone,

Since our community recently went through a couple of major changes, there have also been a few promotions in our staff team. Without further ado, we will proceed with the introduction of our newest staff members:

dorinelcosmin - Our new Chief Technology Officer. This person is in charge of the Technology Officers and it also has the right to veto the truck which is being used in any of the upcoming events. It is also the person in charge of our private events and, when necessary, can become a convoy leader so that the event is developing properly.

XandreeaX - Our new Human Resources. The Human Resources department is in charge of our community's recruitment process and they decide whether or not a person is suitable to join our community.

That's all for now. See you next time!


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