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🏅 CONSPEED's Driver of the Month - February

By [Theo]   |   28 Feb 20:37 UTC | Updated on 27 Mar 19:02 UTC


Another month has passed, which means that it's time for our Driver of the Month contest, a contest where we mention our most active driver at the events which we attended.

With this being said, we will proceed and publish the benefits of being our Driver of the Month:

  • You will be granted access to our Staff Meetings and have a word on different changes and updates which we are about to implement.

  • You have the ability to name a convoy leader of your choice.

  • You have the ability to name the truck which will be used in our upcoming monthly events.

  • You have the ability to decide when our next private convoy takes place.

It's time to reveal CONSPEED's Driver of the Month Award winner for February 2023 :

Stefan_Florian joined our community as a Driver on the 16 January 2023 and has attended many of our scheduled events, both public and private ones. Therefore, we will proceed and mark his activity as excellent. Congratulations on behalf of our community's Staff Team and thank you for maintaining such a high level of activity for February!

Thank you for your time and once again, many thanks to our Driver of the Month for his contribution to our community.


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