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📸 Picture of the month may 2023 - but with a twist!

By ADJ - AlexGogo   |   01 Jun 09:34 UTC | Updated on 30 Jun 13:24 UTC

In the evening of May 27, an important part of us gathered for the monthly convoy of our partners, ConSecGroup. As soon as we finished parking, I noticed that the organizer could only be found on the map with two trucks. We immediately took action, checked their discord server and found that they were understaffed due to unforeseen events.

Out top management immediately organized a delegation from Conspeed where two of the most experienced drivers went to help the CC team. Thus, our colleagues ADJ - AlexGogo and ADJ - Silithor succeeded in record time and thanks to their experience to be in position in the sequence of CC.

Taking advantage of the event, some pictures were taken by Sebi that were highly appreciated by the community, and got the prize of Picture of the Month.

Unforeseen events can occur at any time, it is important once again that VTC Conspeed has demonstrated that it is a reliable partner that you can rely on at any time and we take advantage of any situation to relax and have fun together!

Alex Gogo Media Manager


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