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By (TT VTC) ThatGuyBrian   |   21 Feb 23:00 UTC | Updated on 21 Feb 23:00 UTC

Newest Exciting Changes Within our Events Department

We've been making major improvements to our Events Department, we are now logging invites we send out to ensure that the most important VTC's get an invite to our events. This new addition will also help us in the case of disputes over Ticket information, we cannot wait to take full use of this new addition to our Events Department.

We are also excited to announce that we now have 2 Trial users within the Events Department, with proper instruction and experience we hope these users thrive within the Department and will become permanent members of the TT Events family.

Welcoming a New Partner

Today we are pleased to announce a new Partnership with 3 Spoke Club, we cannot wait to see where this union takes us in the future.


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