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Our First Anniversary Event is Today!

By (TT VTC) ThatGuyBrian   |   06 Mar 12:00 UTC | Updated on 06 Mar 12:02 UTC

Today is Our First Anniversary Event!

join us today as we celebrate the achievement of reaching 1 year of operation within the virtual trucking community.

We will be meeting in the TruckersMP HQ where we will host a Truckfest prior to departure, on departure we will be making our way towards the city of Kiel, taking the most lush and scenic route the ETS2 map has to offer.

After arriving in Kiel we will be taking a short break, stretching our legs, and getting a cheeky coffee or energy drink before departing for the second route, after the short break we will be departing and heading for the iconic city of Kapellskär, making our way through the coastal countryside roads before heading inland and around to the final destination.

Interested In Joining?

Meeting Time: 18:00pm GMT

Truckfest Start: 18:30pm GMT

Route 1 Departure: 19:00pm GMT

Please click here for more info.


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