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🛡️ WK-ESG・Management

By [WK] NicqsiZAccent   |   18 Mar 2022 16:00 UTC | Updated on 10 May 19:09 UTC


👑 Samet 22 : He is the person responsible for the general order and implementation. He is the project manager of WK Event.

Event Manager;

🎇 Onur 18 : The event is the person responsible for accepting and sending invitations.

CC Control Manager;

📝 Burak 19 : İt is responsible for notifying and warning the teams of driver problems experienced in convoys.

Save Manager;

🏫 Eray 20 : İt is responsible for training the drivers who join us and preparing them for driving.

Human Resources Manager;

🎭 Onur 17 : İt is the person who is responsible for registering members.


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