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Arab Transport 6 Months Convoy

By [ATVTC] Med Ali   |   03 Jun 23:00 UTC


Hello everyone!

Welcome on the 31st of May,2020 to Arab Transport VTC 6 Months Convoy, Come and join us the Convoy, we will start at Hamburg. The convoy will start in the City and end at Quarry of Hannover.

We did not host many Convoys during this 6 Months , and we were more interested in supporting all events and possible Convoy that we can reach, but on this occasion, we will receive the first convoy supporting by TruckersMP with providing Event server to us and also to support their Staffs to our convoy.

To ensure we achieve an event server and if you are want to attend please let us know here , go onto ETS2C link shown Below and mark your attendance.

Thanks We would like to invite the whole community to come and join us to celebrate this milestone.


Arab Transport VTC Event Information


  • Date : Sunday , 31 May 2020
  • Event server Online : 17:00 BST
  • Event staff arrives : 18:00 BST
  • Meeting time : 18:30 BST
  • Convoy start : 19:00 BST


Convoy Information




Temporary rules

  • ➽ Convoy Control and Media Only can use beacons during the Event.
  • ➽ Unless you have booked a slot for your VTC then you must park with the public.
  • ➽ All drivers must listen to the Event Staff instructions
  • ➽ Do not overtake during the convoy
  • ➽ Do not advertise your VTC while at the event
  • ➽ Convoy Control and Event Staff are allowed to block junctions and entry points
  • ➽ All drivers must have a truck and trailer, only Event Staff and Convoy Control are allowed no trailer.
  • ➽ Convoy Control, Event Media and Staff can drive incorrectly down the road.
  • ➽ Free roaming on the event server is not allowed.
  • ➽ Event Staff can be teleported by Game Moderators if needed.
  • ➽ Event Staff can use Triple trailers to block roads/junctions.
  • ➽ All other official TruckersMP rules apply.



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