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By [ATVTC] Med Ali   |   06 May 23:37 UTC

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Hello There,

In the recent period, we tried to amend more on our internal community To improve the quality of work, so we decided to add some Team who are ready to provide support for the VTC, so that we have a great diversity and convenience in the work as well, to pay more attention to our members and the following is a list of Team.

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Arab Transport Staff List

  • General Manager : A team working hard to provide the best conditions necessary for Arab Transport Driver to be the best in TMP community

  • CC Manager : Is responsible for all the CC Drivers

  • Media Manager : Is responsible for all the Media Drivers

  • Event Manager : Responsible for planning and organisation of Arab Transport Convoys and book the slot in external events

  • Human Resources Manager : He is responsible for the Human Resources Team

  • Control Convoy : They provide Convoy Control for All Arab Transport Convoy .

  • Media : They provide Photography and/or Videography for our VTC.

  • Human Resources : He is the first person to meet new members of a team and remains responsible for ensuring their welfare and handling all problems and reports, also helps to keep track of driver activity within the VTC .

  • Event Team : helps the Event Manager to planning the convoy and externals event .

  • Driver : The most important things in our VTC with them we started to reach a very high level in community and with them we are still achieving the best .

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