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Starting in June weekly convoys by Máni Cargo Line

By Purrie   |   18 May 14:37 UTC | Updated on 18 May 14:40 UTC


Starting in June we'll be organizing weekly convoys. And as we belief that convoys are best enjoyed in (partly) daylight we will organize them 1 hour before most convoys are organized these days which sadly are often start and end in the dark due to the in-game time around 20:00 CEST / 18:00 UTC.

So that's why we depart at 19:00 CEST / 17:00 UTC to catch the last sun of the day. And for some that will unfortunately mean that they can't attend due to not being home yet, or the fact it's in their dinner time. For others it will mean they can attend as obviously some people are in a later timezone and it might be close to bed time and for other people the time may suit better so they can eat after the convoy due to having a later dinnertime.

So we hope you'll all join us on our adventures. And as soon as the new ProMods is out and supported by TruckersMP we'll also start organizing regular convoys on ProMods as here at Máni Cargo Line we just love ProMods.

So check our schedule here and signup!


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