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Looking back at June at Máni Cargo Line

By Purrie   |   30 Jun 07:12 UTC | Updated on 30 Jun 07:15 UTC


Máni Cargo Line started this month with her weekly convoys and we are quite satisfied with the attendance rates of our convoys. We realize that starting at a different time than most convoys can be rather difficult but we truly believe ETS2 and ATS are best enjoyed while driving in the daylight. So that is why we start one hour earlier at 19:00 CEST / 18:00 BST

We had lovely routes this month that we hope all of you enjoyed. We will be taking a short break in July due to absence because of summer holidays but we'll be back full swing in August see here

We hope you can join us on our next adventures

And last but not least a huge thanks to our Event Team as without them this would have been a lot harder but thanks to them we've managed to organize professional convoys. If you're interested in joining our Event Team head on over to our Discord and join us. You do not have to join every week but we greatly appreciate it if you can help out whenever you can!


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