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Looking back and looking forward

By Purrie   |   12 Aug 11:34 UTC | Updated on 12 Aug 11:35 UTC

As Sjovn (and others) had their well deserved summer holiday break we did not have weekly convoys in the month of July. We did visit our share of other convoys but this was also a bit more limited.

After a suggestion from one of our drivers we did seek a new paint job and after a vote since the 1st of July we drive with the "Raven Custom" paint job.

Since August we are organizing weekly convoys again and as we feel convoys are best enjoyed while driving in the light we depart a little bit earlier than the most regular convoys. So we depart at 17:00 UTC / 18:00 BST / 19:00 CEST. We do realize this may not be the best time for some drivers but we are happy with the many drivers that did manage to participate. Much love!

If you want to help out at our events as CC or drive lead/tail come and join our discord!


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