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Language: English
Created: 15 Jul 2019 18:42 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: s0b1esk1_86
Members: 2
Recruitment: Open

Latest VTC Posts

Bulgarian Rose (End of Summer 2019 )

Important Notes: -Please come with full tanks of fuel, as this is a long convoy and we are not stopping. -EuroTrans International (ET-INT) departs first and is directly behind the convoy leader. Book your slot here: Check back regularly for our convoys / events at the following link:

  |   30 Aug 2019 18:55 UTC   |   s0b1esk1_86

EuroTrans - International Public Convoy

> Date - 18/08/2019 (Sunday) > Server: Simulation 2 > Meeting time: 19:30(BST)/ 20:30(CEST)/ 21:30(EEST) > Departure time: 20:00(BST)/ 21:00(CEST)/ 22:00(EEST)

  |   18 Aug 2019 10:18 UTC   |   s0b1esk1_86

EuroTrans - International [RECRUITING]

Eurotrans International (ET-INT) is looking for skilled new drivers to build up and expand our international department. We warmly welcome people from all over the world who enjoy driving, are willing to participate in convoys and generally love playing ETS2.

  |   06 Aug 2019 23:34 UTC   |   s0b1esk1_86

EuroTrans-International (Weekly Convoy )

Thursday Weekly Convoy...

  |   29 Jul 2019 22:43 UTC   |   s0b1esk1_86

EuroTrans-International (s0b1esk1_86 Birthday Convoy)

Convoy on the occasion of the VTC owner birthday

  |   15 Jul 2019 19:41 UTC   |   s0b1esk1_86



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ETIVTC (EuroTrans - International) is looking for active and serious drivers


  1. Be at least 15+ years old
  2. Have and use Discord + Microphone
  3. Have a registration at + a downloaded application
  4. Have at least 250 hours playing time at Steam.
  5. Know how to park back
  6. Have a developed game profile (Recommended from 30 level up)
  7. Knowledge of English is an advantage


Experienced Driver
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