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PRVTC attends first Convoy with Slot

By - Pink Ribbon -   |   24 May 20:59 UTC | Updated on 24 May 21:00 UTC

Today PRVTC attended their first convoy with a VTC booked slot. Courtesy of Blaze Inc Haulage (Owned by TTV/Ryandench57356 starting in Rostock and finishing in Linköping. Myself (Pink Ribbon), rl1000 and a guest friend of ours N1ghtK1ller representing PRVTC.

The route was lovely with some great sceneries but most important there was a few bridges we drove over showing us some more EPIC views of the waterside and nature. Along the way we all was professionally taken care of by the CC (Drive Along) who did an excellent job (I saw no wrong turns and the convoy flowed rather fluidly) and finally finished in Linköping to take some lovely photos.

So we would like to thank everyone in Blaze Inc Haulage for organising the convoy and giving us our first ever slot as a VTC. Also to Drive Along for them supporting the convoy, but most importantly to our good friend N1ghtK1ller for representing us and for driving with us in the convoy <3 And a special shout out to TreesFamilyMember for keeping us company along the way :P #TeamPinkTrees


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