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PRVTC now has a Discord Server 🎉🥳

By - Pink Ribbon -   |   28 May 2022 20:12 UTC | Updated on 28 May 2022 20:15 UTC

Hello all, good news! PRVTC now has a Discord server for you to join and look forward on you coming, chat, get to know the VTC and enjoy yourselves :)

Despite the Discord being open for you to join it will be actively worked on to make it a fun, pleasant and easy experience. I have 0 experience at owning/creating a Discord server and what you see when joining is the foundation I learned in such a tiny amount of time and chuffed with the progress.

Having 0 experience I know the Discord isn't as advanced as bigger VTCs with custom bots etc but it's early stages and hope to learn or even get support from the TMP community in the future ❤

Anywho, In short we have a Discord and would love for you to join and interact with us :) You can join here:

Thank you and stay safe out on the roads ❤ 🎀


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