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How to Apply - Updated

By Just A Janner   |   19 Jul 2022 13:19 UTC | Updated on 19 Jul 2022 13:20 UTC

Hello and thank you for taking your time to see how to apply to PRVTC (Pink Ribbon Virtual Trucking Company) its easy to apply. But first things first is you must be in our Discord first before applying, this enables to contact you easier and communicate with the Drivers upon a successful application. If you don't join the Discord then the application will either be delayed in approval or even denied so it's an important step! Join the Discord here.

When you have joined the Discord, please take a look at #How-to-apply where you will see the requirements needed to join PRVTC successfully and will tell you to come back and click the apply button where you can find on the VTC TMP page! Previously we had you to copy and paste a template to fill out BUT We have now added a recruitment form for you to fill out instead so it will be much easier for you to apply!

When completed you can go back to our Discord and go to the 🎀PRVTC Ticketing Area🎀 section and open a ticket in the #contact-applications to alert our Staff that you have applied to make the response time MUCH quicker and to get you into the PRVTC ranks more efficiently. You will be either DM'd or chatted in the open ticket you created about further steps on joining our Trucksbook etc

Thank you <3

Note: This may change at any time and will be amended if needed in the future :)


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