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PRVTC November Picture of the Month Winner edition

By Just A Janner   |   30 Nov 2022 14:17 UTC | Updated on 30 Nov 2022 14:20 UTC

As you all know PRVTC hosts a monthly "Picture of the Month" competition to have fun and show off your work. This months theme for drivers and community members to be tasked with was "Monumental Discoveries" this includes unique statues, buildings and architecture hidden around the ETS2 and ATS maps and show whats available to discover whether it be in the base maps or in Promods. We received quite a few unique and interesting submissions and below will be the winning entry voted by the people of the PRVTC Community Discord where you can submit and vote for your favourite ones!

This months winner is our very own Rose - Niftyx_ (Rose Hills) and her first win of the Picture of the month. She went around and discovered this unique statueon a little roundabout and was voted as the winner. It was a very close call though with a couple entries as this just won by 1 vote so the competition was close!

Here is the winning photo below!

Congratulations Rose, you receive the Picture of the Month role in the Discord and good luck for the next theme which can be found on our Discord in the PRVTC Fun Zone area under the Picture of the Month channel!


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