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How to install Navio

By Bradd   |   31 May 08:00 UTC | Updated on 31 May 08:00 UTC

What is Navio? Navio is the one-stop solution for your us to track our drivers. Navio works in the background. There is no client software for you to open when they start the game.

Install Firstly, you need to download the installer. You can grab it from: Starting the install Once you click the "Install Navio" button the install is fully automated.

The installer will automatically download and install the requirements Navio needs, and configure everything for you.

Thats it! Navio should now be installed and ready for you to use.


Making sure it runs When Navio is installed the game will show a popup every time it is started. This popup asks for permission to use SCS SDK which Navio uses to get data from the game.

If this is not accepted Navio will not run.

You should then see it pop up saying navio in the top corner. This means its working correctly. You dont need to worry about getting a manager or founder to add you in as they should have already done it when you were hired.



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