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Convoy Information

By adamrobert1010   |   09 Sep 2022 21:00 UTC | Updated on 02 Mar 16:30 UTC


How often?

We will be running convoys once a month mainly towards the end of the month, and we will have at least 2 convoys posted a month or two in advance to give people plenty of time to know and be prepared


How they will work

Here at Nebula we run our company convoys in an orderly fashion, our Company will always be in this order as follows: Our convoy lead - Our CEO - Our Directors - Our Team helpers - Our Drivers - Convoy Tail The Convoy Leader is the main lead who will guide the convoy on the route and also giving instructions via Game chat or the CB radio (you will be told about this on the day) the convoy lead will also have 'CONVOY LEAD' for his / her / their tag (in Nebula yellow) the Convoy Leader will always have beacons on as a guide (unless lag occurs)

The Convoy Tail is the person who will always sit at the very back of the convoy giving instruction to the Convoy Leader to inform him / her / them that the back of the convoy is to far away from the front and to adjust the convoy speed to allow those at the read to speed up The Convoy tail will have CONVOY TAILfor his / her / their game tag (in Nebula yellow) also the Convoy tail will always have beacons on as a guide (unless lag occurs)



We are always open for suggestions so please join our Discord and open a Human Recourses ticket but please can you direct your message to @Director of Events or @Events Team or @Adam by @ing either stated and someone will take care of your suggestion or general questions on the events that we host


Invite us!

If you would like to invite us you your convoy then please join our Discord and open up an Events Ticket but please refrain from @ing people for Event invitations.

linebreak Thank you and the team at Nebula Logistics wish you all a very happy trucking experience

Adam | Events Director Nebula Logistics linebreak



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