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Newsletter - September 2023

By Dozer_3695   |   02 Oct 2023 20:40 UTC | Updated on 03 Nov 2023 13:54 UTC

Image Taken by SM_Plays

OMaRx29 is the Employee of the Month, and we at Nexon Logistics are pleased to recognize him. Our highest praises go to him for his fantastic service and superb driving abilities. He has astonishingly logged 194354 km this month and nearly 167128 Nexon XP. OMaRx29 consistently went above and beyond the call of duty in his regular work, displaying professionalism and a positive attitude towards difficulties. He sets an example for others with his outgoing personality. He has brought a lot to the team, and Nexon Logistics values and appreciates that. We look forward to the team's continued success.

In a competition celebrating photography talent on the open road, a remarkable image taken on a highway has been declared the winner, and the honor goes to AnmolGaming from Nexon Logistics. The winning photograph captures the highway in all its splendor, with a stunning blend of natural and man-made elements. The play of light, shadow, and composition has garnered widespread acclaim, and AnmolGaming eye for detail has truly shone through. This victory is a testament to the artistry of highway photography, and it showcases the immense talent of AnmolGaming, who is now celebrated as the undisputed champion of the contest.

Minor changes & additions are:

  • Added New ATS Skins.
  • Added Nexon Theme TruckersMP UI.
  • Added New Nexon Cargo Mod.
  • Added Staff Resources.

In the month of September 2023, Nexon Logistics organized three events including one public event and two private events for ETS2 & ATS and we attended total "25 events"

The Public event is from Pécs(Hungary) to Warsaw(Poland), for ATS is from Reno to Santa Maria where we travelled across the sea, beaches and hidden routes, in ETS2 we go to PROMODS Bucharest to Polyanytsya.

In a total of 3 events in the month of September 2023 which Nexon Logistics attended, Dionysius (23) has attended most convoy.

All time players attendance

Nexon Logistics attended a total of 25 Events in the month of September 2023.

  1. Anmolgaming has joined in Event Team.

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