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Newsletter - October 2023

By Boofi_Softie   |   06 Nov 2023 16:32 UTC | Updated on 06 Nov 2023 16:35 UTC

Image Taken by Meli_

YN GAMING YT and Bolorer are the Employee of the Month, and we at Nexon Logistics are pleased to recognize them. Our highest praises go to him for his fantastic service and superb driving abilities. Both has brought a lot to the team, and Nexon Logistics values and appreciates that. We look forward to the team's continued success.

In a competition celebrating photography talent on the open road, a remarkable image taken by RX SANJU BABA for the theme Pink ribbon Livery has truly stood out. The winning photograph captures the October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Nexon Logistics has been running a campaign to promote breast cancer awareness and support those affected by this condition. We believe that combining gaming with such an important cause is a powerful way to spread awareness and inspire action. RX SANJU BABA picture perfectly encapsulates our campaign's goal by incorporating pink elements into their virtual livery. By embracing this color, they have not only showcased their gaming skills but also lent their support to those battling breast cancer.

Thank you for using your talent to promote breast cancer awareness, and well done!

In the month of October 2023, Nexon Logistics organized three events including one public event and two private events for ETS2 and we attended total "33 events"

The Public event was from Prague to Kaliningrad, and two private convoys both are in promods(NEXON'S ROAD TO NONVIOLENCE) in a tribute to Mahatma Gandhi and Private convoy from Trieste to Bar.

In a total of 3 events in the month of October 2023 which Nexon Logistics attended, Dionysius & Boofi_Softie (17) has attended most convoys.

All time players attendance

Nexon Logistics attended a total of 33 Events in the month of October 2023.


  1. Dionysius has joined in Event Team.
  2. BE1TG has joined in Media Team.
  3. Benefactor & Harsiith.A has joined in Developer Team.
  4. Bharat removed from Public relation.
  5. RX SANJU BABA removed from Official streamer.

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