International Truckers LTD

"We thrive as one, To do our Best!"

TruckersMP Supports 1.45!

The latest versions of both ATS and ETS2 are fully supported on TruckersMP.

ProMods Europe and ProMods Canada are also fully supported, along with Summer Mod.

Enjoy the update, and we hope to see you out on the road!


Tag: ITLTD | Driver
Language: English
Created: 11 Jun 14:13 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: I'm-Active_TMP
Members: 5
Recruitment: Open

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About us, How to Join, and our Requirements! :)

Was once founded August 1st 2020, To be reopened after a great 117 member experiences, Also info on how to join, And letting you know our requirements!

12 Jun 11:40 UTC   |   Savvo_TMP




International Truckers LTD

  • Wear our Skin and use our tag IN game on TruckersMP When we have Convoys
  • 1000KMS a month on Trucksbook, Real miles ( Anything else after may be real or race miles, completely up to you! )
  • Age 14 Minimum Requirements, No Acceptions!
  • No Kiddy behaviour, Only Mature
  • Bullying, Insulting, Ganging up on users etc.. Will not be tolerated, Drivers WILL be removed from the VTC for such actions, and STAFF will be on a STRICT suspension
  • No Racism, No homophobia
  • No Talking about Drugs, Sexual, or anything under the sort, When its past 10PM its "Adult time" And whatever else can be discussed
  • And furthermore have FUN and Get Trucking ;) !

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