International Truckers LTD

"We thrive as one, To do our Best!"

About us, How to Join, and our Requirements! :)

By Savvo_TMP   |   12 Jun 11:40 UTC | Updated on 12 Jun 11:45 UTC
  • International Truckers LTD A VTC founded many years back coming back to life. It was a great Journey, Being founded on the 1st of August 2020, Reopened at 11/06/2022 Here is our Old Paintjob: ( All credits to Hayden for the Photo )

We are here to Strive together and create a great VTC with an up and coming adventure of many events, Haulage of miles, Competitoons, Giveaways, Etc..

Our rules and are all involved on the TMP website and our discord server, I myself the founder who has foundedd it Twice, is great to be back and running ITLTD. It was prior to have 117 members, and we aim to not just get members, but get activity and make a great community within TMP and our VTC!

I hope you can get involved and join one of the new and upcoming VTCS!

There is everything new now, Including a new Paint and Livery!

We was once a HUGE VTC before myself left, to join another VTC, was a terrible experience and I regret it many years later, so I thought, we don't we just recreate it but something better? 😄

Now we will have better staff, and better Knowledge, I have learnt many new skills in Management +, and my staff also have great knowledge, Will will aquire a great team, Thanks for reading, and lets go ITLTD!



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Created: 11 Jun 14:13 UTC
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Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
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