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Destiny VTC - Slots per section

By I am Mr. Wick ~   |   27 Sep 2022 22:17 UTC | Updated on 27 Sep 2022 22:22 UTC

Hello everyone!

As you may know Destiny VTC holds a monthly event, which to be more professional we try to do with slots which are booked in advance by each company.

Due to this we have detected that many times companies do not attend and this slot is completely abandoned, and thanks to this we have planned a strategy to avoid that this slot is wasted.

For this we have created the strategy of slots by section which consists of determining by slot the number of people capacity that this can accommodate, now the section will not be exclusive as it will have more than one company in the same, it should be noted that the order of departure will not be given by section, if not be given by company parked, the priority of departure will be given in advance on our discord server in the channel Slots + (Month), it should be noted that this priority is given or requested at the time that the VTC makes its reservation section through the ticket system slots or contact a Manager of Event Team.

This new strategy is being implemented at our November event.

Best Regards!!

Israel L | Management of Destiny VTC



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Created: 11 Jun 2022 20:58 UTC
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