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Who are the owners of Destiny VTC?

By I am whαlkєrz ~   |   28 Sep 2022 07:19 UTC | Updated on 28 Sep 2022 07:32 UTC

At the beginning Destiny was started under the command of 5 people, unfortunately only 3 continued their mission and those 3 are the people who are in charge of Destiny VTC.

We will see a brief description of each one.

I am Faridh ~

Heeeeeeeyoo :) I'm Faridh, 20yo, Peruvian male guy.

I'm Management/Owner from Destiny VTC and what I most love to do is driving around CD or Innsbruck - Klagenfurt at 110km/h. I love listening to music. I speak two languages (English and Spanish, the second one is my native language). I love to drive at 110km/h. I'm studying Chemical Engineering in a national university from my country. I'm a very busy person but if you want to talk or go for a ride, just DM me, I'll try to be able for you ❤. Did I said that I like to drive at 110km/h? :kekw: .

My main tasks in my VTC are manage all the events, the relationship between our VTC partners, recruit drivers, etc.

If you have any extra question about myself, just DM me ❤

I am Israel ~

Heyaaaa! My name is Israel

I am Management/Founder of Destiny VTC, I like playing ETS2, I also play GTAV(Online/LSPDFR/FiveM), I like editing and I constantly study about it to improve in the future, my aspiration or goal is to be part of TMP staff in the future.

I am whαlkєrz ~

Greetings everyone my name is Whalkerz.

I am a big fan of ATS because it was the game with which I started playing in Truckers MP, I have a lot of appreciation and affection for it. I used to be an ordinary user until one day I had the opportunity to create a project with a group of friends, which was Destiny and you can see what we have achieved. Now that I'm more fully into ETS2, oddly enough I really like the work it gives me that sense of realism that I expect from the game. I just enjoy meeting people and having fun. Being management and founder of this company was something that I was not looking for, but that came to me by chance. I hope as the days go by I can achieve more things within this community

These three people are at the helm of this great Destiny VTC, they have managed to form a nice community where healthy conviviality is paramount. Now tell us, do you know any of them?, do you dislike any of them?, or what do you think of each of them?

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