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Destiny VTC Update

By I am Mr. Wick ~   |   27 Feb 10:16 UTC | Updated on 27 Feb 10:20 UTC

Hello to all

Destiny VTC is making an update to its image, maybe we haven't told you but we have chosen to adopt a pet, in this case an amazing and beautiful kitten.

We also made an improvement in the official colours of our VTC, which I will show you below <3

You may ask yourself, why are we presenting all this to you until today, even though it has already been seen in events and routes?

This is because changing a logo and colours takes a long time to adapt it to the company, as the changes must be made on all platforms where we are registered, however today we decided that it was the perfect day to make the official announcement.

We hope you like these new changes, which like all the previous ones are always with the purpose of evolving.

Best regards!!!



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