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By Ironstorm4   |   17 Aug 2022 12:00 UTC | Updated on 24 Oct 2022 05:12 UTC

Hello everyone,

I hope you are all getting your kicks in Montana and rocking in the new Western Star 57X I know I have. But, onto the wonderful news that we have for you. As of right now our Mod development team have been busy behind the scenes working on a new mod and this one is a HUGE one. It is the Enigma Logistics Headquarters and Warehouse. The location can only be explored in single player It will be your one stop shop for repairs, upgrades and fuel! Also, in the pipe is that the Development Team and I have started to sit down and look towards our current driver's hub. Drivers Hub Version 2.0 will take some time as to get it right the first time and don't run into any issues down the road or during launch. That means when we start the development, we will have a call put out in the fleet for beta testers. we are looking at three months six on the outside for completion. so, stay tuned for those updates on here and on discord. As of yesterday, we have reached TEN DRIVERS!!! So, I have put in our paperwork for validation into TMP. one last thing mods dev department are going to do a version 2.0 of our skins for our company trucks. Also we have been playing around with something that VTC's do but don't put a lot of time into and that is Modded loads! Heavy Haul Division has two mods we are using for heavy haul and they are working well. We are also in the process as time goes on is multistop loads and they are doing rather well. so if you are new to the company or just reading this just to pass time take a stop on our discord server and hello. On that note we must get back to it. Until then Safe driving and stay safe.

Thank you all,



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