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By Ironstorm4   |   21 Aug 2022 16:22 UTC | Updated on 24 Oct 2022 05:12 UTC

The wait is over! you drivers wanted a new and improved version while Drivers Hub version 1.1.1 was a resounding success we decided to go one step further! We upgraded again to clean up and simplify the system even further. We would like to introduce Drivers Hub Version 2.0 here is a sample of our new system!

There is it in a nutshell there is so many features that we would like to showcase but we thought no spoilers! This is only a taste of what we have done! I would like to thank our development team without their help none of this would have been possible.

Also, we would like to announce that we have now launched our mods into the steam workshop, but it is in private mode so if you want our mods reach out to our skin dev team we get them over to you! The Enigma Logistics HQ v 1.0 Was launched and it ran like a dream! A couple of bugs but that will get reworked down the road! Thank you highroller my man you a huge credit to the team!

We hope to see you all down the road!



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