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By jsatfield   |   25 Aug 2022 22:13 UTC | Updated on 24 Oct 2022 05:13 UTC

Good Day Everyone,

Hello And Welcome To Enigma HQ.

Today I have the great honor to say we have launch our first HQ Location for ETS 2 w this is a exclusives in game SP Map Mod for our company our designer for it spent quite a bit of time on it so thanks to jsatfiled aka highroller4445 we now have HQ words can not describe how happy we are now the HQ for ATS is currently under development and will be biased out of a city we started this journey together on Spoiler Its gonna be huge and very well detail just like ets version anyways thanks for read a note from the dev is down below along with a screen shot of the place,

Note from The Dev.

*Hey yall highroller here i just wanted to say the making of this was long and tiering and being a one man crew i had to learn everything myself to the people on the forms and ect i would like to say thanks to you YALL ROCK. i was able to learn a trait that has gotten better over the weeks and time now i can fully dev out both games myself but overall its a project and will no doubt take time i would like to say if your interested in map development and creations head on to apply were going to do big things here at enigma and i will be running the Map Dev Team Starting Today. Anyways I'm a boar enough talk. *

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