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Drivers Hub v2.1 and Status Page reworked

By Regis/Takara   |   31 Aug 2022 14:53 UTC | Updated on 24 Oct 2022 05:13 UTC

Hello everyone,

We have just launched version 2.1 of our drivers hub live!

In this version, we have clear out most of the codes and how the pages looks including themes and others. we have also implement a private message system to the drivers hub where Decrypter can send the messages to our driver/s account and they can see their application status, warnings, jobs, request and more.

Pictures below is what our new drivers hub looks.


Driver's profile:

Job Logs:


And many more!

As for our status page, we have rewrite the whole page from scratch and we are happy of the outcome. This not only include our total members but also divisional members, server uptime and more.

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