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What's been going during September 2022?

By Regis/Takara   |   30 Sep 2022 04:51 UTC | Updated on 06 Nov 2022 04:39 UTC

Hello everyone,

It is near end of September and its about time to give you some updates of what's been going around the company & community. First of all, we would like to thank all vtc representative for sending us your upcoming convoys events. We really appreciate it and would definitely attend your future events.

Truck Builder System and Its here! Yes you heard right.

Quick summary of what's Truck Builder

Truck Builder is a feature we have implemented for our drivers. Every time a driver complete a job in [REAL] miles, they get reward a Mystery Parts box which can be open to receive 1 of the 37 parts. Collect all 37 parts and build a Truck! Truck that are build are random generated by the system and each Truck gives an active unique effect for the driver. Effects can also be stack if they own 1 or more and no limit cap.

[Truck Builder]

Currently we have added 3 Trucks. DAF, Iveco and MAN.

  • /open [mystery parts] - Open Mystery Parts Box for random parts
  • /craft - Build a Truck


  • DAF | Have 0.05% chance of earning double Mystery Parts Box
  • Iveco | Penalty reduction of 0.01% [You pay less]
  • MAN | For every 200 Enigma Coins earned from job completion, Your paycheck is increase of 0.01% [2 extra Enigma Coins]

[Convoy Events]

We no longer accept events on October & November as both months are full for our drivers. We will continue to accepts any convoy events that held on December onwards and looking forward to it.

[Community Updates]

We have recently launched 2 new game channel in our Gaming Corner

  • Tower of Fantasy
  • Terraria

We have also launched a Terraria Server for our community and it will run 24/7. Just like our Minecraft Server, both will run on their latest game version.

[Halloween Event]

Halloween is coming in a month and we want to let both our community and drivers have a chance to earn some Candy Points and will run at #🎃︱halloween-event

So how it work?

Well, all you have to do is claim your Candy Points everyday. Claim gives you a range of 1 to 100 Candy Points. You can try your luck and gamble those Candy Points for more Candy Points. Or lose it. Gamble is capped at 50 max on each gamble and has a cooldown of 5 minutes. Gamble with responsible! There is an event store where you can exchange your hard earn Candy Points for Enigma Coins with a ratio of 5:1 [5 Candy Points to 1 Enigma Coin]. Enigma Coins can be use to buy items from Enigma Shop. Maybe you will see a Godly buffed Netherite Sword on sale at Enigma Shop and you can use those Enigma Coins to buy it who knows what crazy ideas we have in the future 😉.

Event will start on 1st October 2022 12AM until 1st November 2022 12AM UTC Time

Event Store will start on 1st October 2022 12AM until 7th November 2022 12AM UTC Time

SlashCommands only work in #🎃︱halloween-event

  • /claim - Claim your daily reward
  • /leaderboard - Display top 10 members with most Candy Points
  • /gamble - stand a chance to win double the amount you gamble [Capped at 50 max! Gamble with responsible]
  • /spooky - Exchange your Candy Points for Enigma Coins. Exchange Rate: 5:1 [5 Candy Points to 1 Enigma Coin]


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