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Summary of October 2022

By Regis/Takara   |   06 Nov 2022 04:39 UTC | Updated on 05 Apr 09:37 UTC

Hello everyone,

It is time for another summary recap of what's been going here at Enigma Logistics! Lets hop on and buckle up your seatbelt cause we are going through a lot of waves! 😂

Vice President

We now have Vice President sitting on the house! jsatfield/HIGHROLLER is our new Vice President and he will be the one you can get in touch if our owner is not available. Congratulations!

Director of Events

As we now have a new event team member joined and will be seating at the Board of Members & Director of Events position, Please welcome jamoss9545 to the team! jamoss9545 will now handle our events being send by any VTC that invited us for the convoy event and other in-house events.

Halloween Events

As this conclude the Halloween Event, we would like to thank our community, drivers & members from N.G.T VTC for joining our FiveM event host by jsatfield/HIGHROLLER. Also thank you jsatfield/HIGHROLLER for making this happen. We all know you have spend hours after hours to get the event running in a way we all want. It was a blast and looking forward for more event like this! 👏

Drivers Hub

Look.. We did not forget. We were just busy with other internal matters But we'll get to that later. We have update our dashboard and driver's profile where it allow not just our driver but also anyone who has the profile link to see that particular driver's contribution to teh company in percentage. An events post/blog was also being implemented to the drivers hub which allow our driver to see all the upcoming convoy events we going to attend. This can also be seen by public member at https://enigmalogistics.net/events

Now for the internal matters...

Note: In order to protect the member and those affected victims, we will not name it.

So in the early of October, a member who joined our server but soon got bounced off the server as our security bot detected the ID matched from the ID we have blocked. Anyone who got bounced may appeal for unblock/unban from our server via support email which the member did however after our investigation went on, we found out this ID belong to this member have a dark history of hacking multiple discord servers and other game servers. We lead us to reject this member's appeal. Soon after, this member decide to use another email who claim to be a CEO of other company and was told that we must unban this member withtin 24 hours or action will be taken which we ignored. Right that the incident, we noticed our server that runs the core system were under DDoS attack from multiple regions, we start locking down those region where the attack were coming from and also get in contact with this member's higher management staff. We also lodge a police report against this member where the affected server located at. The matter was soon settle thanks to the how both party got into the same page and tackle down this matter.

That is all from us for October 2022 Summary!


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