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Divisional Quest (Open Beta)

By jsatfield   |   20 Nov 2022 20:26 UTC | Updated on 05 Apr 09:37 UTC

Hello everyone! Its been some time since we last speak about divisions. But hey, We have a brand new updates with more funs in it just for you. So over the past weeks, we have been developing a Quest System specially for all divisions drivers and this idea was brought up by @EL ✠ Dj Dyl ✠ EL , our Director of Human Resources.

A quick rundown:

Every week, all divisions will receive a new quest where you pull the cargo given by the quest for the numbers of time required. We cap this between 5, 10 and 15. Completing the quest will receive the rewards. Rewards wise, we are planning to make it as a multiply formats, this means if that division have 10 drivers, 5 drivers complete the quest, each driver from that division will get [driver complete x base reward / total drivers] in this case, 5 x 200 / 10 = 100 coins for each driver

Quest are in cross-platform, that means if you are a heavy boy and your quest is 10 Forklifts on ETS2 or Bulldozer on ATS , you did 4 Forklifts on ETS2 and 2 Bulldozer on ATS, it will combine as 6 quest complete our of 10.

If are recently join/switch a division, you will not able to get the quest for a grace period of days until next Monday. You will still receive the prize since you are new and part of that division.

If you are not in any division then you won't receive the quest.

So head on over to our website and apply today www.enigmalogistics.net

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