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Summary of November 2022

By Regis/Takara   |   01 Dec 2022 06:13 UTC | Updated on 05 Apr 09:35 UTC

Hello everyone,

It is time for another summary recap of what's been going here at Enigma Logistics! Lets hop on and buckle up your seatbelt cause we are going through a lot of waves! 😂

Division Quest

During this month, we have received a suggestion make by djdylshottah about a kind of a quest where driver will receive a quest every week and if they complete the quest, they will receive a reward. This idea was great and everyone at enigma loved it. The development team was then use the idea and implement it, Improve it to the way where drivers gets to enjoy without restricting the funs. For full detail about** Division Quest** can be found here!


We have been working on a side project where we get to create a dispatcher system implement into our own company without the use of 3rd party app like Trucky/TrucksBook. The idea was to let driver to request a custom job via our ticket system and we get our Division Managers to create those custom load for the driver and dispatch it directly into their game. This will be a long term project and this is as much we can spoil for now. ;)

Trucks Parts Shop

Few months back, we introduced Trucks Builder System. It has been loved by all our drivers. Committing more and more mileage enjoy opening Mystery Parts Box for each job they complete. Building Trucks that gives bonus effect in their future jobs such as additional Enigma Coins, Reduce penalty and more.

But we have not yet release 1 last key feature. That is Trucks Parts Shop. A virtual shop that allows our driver to buy or sell parts base on daily rotation price. Maybe you get to buy a wheels for 300 Enigma Coins today and tomorrow will be 700 Enigma Coins. Selling parts will have its own different daily price too. Although this is still in work in progress but we already know, when the shop opens, it will filled with customers (Drivers)!

Changes to upcoming Drivers of the Months

From December onwards, Driver of the months will split into 2. That means we will pick 2 top drivers as drivers of the months. 1 on ETS2 and 1 on ATS. This was to keep the fairness to both ETS2 and ATS driver since both games run on different real miles speed and ATS have a wider road than ETS2.

That is all from us for November 2022 Summary!


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