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By jsatfield   |   10 Feb 12:00 UTC | Updated on 30 Mar 21:06 UTC

Enigma Logistics | Update 10/10/2023


#### Hello Drivers, Enigma Logistics is a VTC that specializes in Truckers MP, ETS2 And ATS

🤔What Do We Offer To Drivers?🤔

  • • No Monthly Miles Requirement
  • • Drivers Hub
  • • Tracker(on hold)(Beta)
  • • Live Map (For Our Drivers)(on hold)
  • • Driver Divisions (Heavy Haul, Reefer, Agri, Tanker-ADR,)
  • • New 2023 Driver Divisions (find out more on discord)
  • • New 2023 Driver & Divisions Skins (uploaded to Steam Workshop)
  • • Division Quest (complete a quest for your division)(weekly)
  • • support Mods (Truck, Trailers, Skins, Ect)
  • • Paycheck System (Earn By Driving)
  • • Ranking & Badge System (level up by driving)
  • • Truck Builder System to increase your paychecks and more
  • • Leaderboards
  • • New 2023 TruckersMP (Profile Preset)
  • • Monthly Events
  • • Support of other games
  • Feel like taking a break from ETS2/ATS? We have a Gaming Corner where you can play games with other members of the community such as Minecraft, World of Warships, I-racing, and more! We even have our own gaming server for both Minecraft and Terraria and runs on their latest game version on a 24/7 server.

💖Requirements to join the VTC💖

  • • 18+for staff members (unless your mature enough)
  • • 15+for drivers
  • • Discord for communication (New Discord Accounts must be past 7 days)
  • • TruckersMP Account
  • • Trucky App
  • • TrucksBook app (Dispatcher Only)
  • • You must run our tracking system in order for you to get paid, log your miles & rank up
  • • You must apply for your driver application at our website and your application will be processed within 24-48h by our staff members
  • ❌No more than 3 bans on your TruckersMP Profile
  • ❌NO Dual VTC
  • Real & Race Miles, in order for you to get paid you must keep it under 100kph for ets2 & 85mph for ats
  • Social Media:
  • 🌐>Website: https://enigmalogistics.net/
  • 🚚>TruckersMP: https://truckersmp.com/vtc/55514
  • 🎮>Discord: https://discord.gg/mV5ct4tuQZ

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Created: 15 Jun 2022 15:20 UTC
Supported Games
Euro Truck Simulator 2
American Truck Simulator
Owner: jsatfield
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